KHWAB started a school for Hearing impaired Children in the year 1979. Iinitially students were admitted to day scholar school who come under the age group of 5 to 10. later it was found that rural based poor children are not able to get education. Therefore the day scholar school was converted into a Residential School in 1980. This reformation helped deaf children of all over Karnataka, particularly rural to get education in English Medium. It facilitated even the children living in border areas of our neighboring states like Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala. When this school was started in 1979, there were only 16 students as day scholars, but by now the strength of the school crossed 200 with residential facilities.
The school which was only with 16 children in rented building is now above 200 children in an own building with hostel facilities with education and vocational training. The Association gives importance even to co-curricular activities such as sports and games. Talented students are encouraged to participate in various tournaments for which two exclusive physical education teachers are working.

Activities of KHWAB
Some of the important regular activities of KHWAB are:
Integrated Education, Basic Special Education and Speech Therapy, Student Counselling, Vocational Training, Teachers Training, Periodical Camps, Placement Service, Free Boarding and Lodging and much more....