Requirements of Projects :-

LAND: require land of 22 acres which has been identified already & the approximate cost offered by the land owner on a Philanthropic way is Rs 286 crores ( 3000 per sqfeet)

BUILDING CONSTRUCTION : The school requires very spacious class rooms numbering 20, measuring 26x18 feet in addition, there should be 5 laboratory rooms,2 computer labs, office rooms, visitors rooms & principals camber that is total area to be constructed will be approximately 15,000 sq/feet. It will be costing Rs 15 crores excluding the labs which cost approximately 1 crore inclusive of all.

EQUIPMENTS & FURNITURES: To equip the entire school with academic requirements each room will cost not less than Rs 10 lakhs each,ie.Rs 5crores.

HOSTEL BUILDING CONSTRUCTION: To house 400 children it requires minimum 50 rooms of size of 20x20x50 measuring totally 20000 sq feet costing at the rate of Rs 150007- sq feet will come to 30 crores itself. In addition, the hostel needs a kitchen", dining hall, store, serving area etc, with approximate area of 2400 sq feet for dining hall, 800 sq feet for kitchen another 800 sq feet for store 7 minimum of 800 sq feet area for service, measuring 4000 sq feet which may cost us another 4 crores.

SANITATION & WASHING AREA: For 400+ students at least we require 40 bathrooms and 40 toilets for each sex, Therefore we may requirement will be 2400 sq feet. The entire cost of the sanitation block with fittings may reach another 2 crores as the entire sanitation area has to be tiled with insulated water flow.

ELECTRICITY: Supplyof electricity to both school and hostel building with 3 phase supply for light, fan, kitchen utility etc will cost 20% of total building.