Hello there,
As the Founder Secretary of KHWAB, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to this site and to talk to you about us.
There have been many steps taken, and many people involved, to bring us to the start of this trust initiative in 1979. It has been built upon the strength of a dedicated professional staff, the best practices, an involved and supportive community, sound relationships with our education partners and a true "focus on the learner."

It is the lack of awareness and adequate facilities for detection and diagnosis that has led to prejudices against handicapped people, especially in rural areas. We believe that most families percieve deafness and other handicapped conditions as extremely expensive cases and do not come forward for any medical intervention or education but prefer to be resigned to their fate. While recounting our experiences about the prevelance and incidence of cases of congenital deafness, we are of the opinion that apart from medical reasons certain geographical and localised conditions are also responsible for a high rate of born-deaf children in the families of certain places in Karnataka, particularly in the sugarcane growing parts of Mandya, Belgaum and Kolar districts.

KHWAB promotes integrated education and is also running a general school for the normal children and conducts regular classes and co-curricular activities with children from both the schools. We have also opened another residential school for the deaf in hassan in 1990 to cater to the needs of plantation workers in Malnad regions. The intitution has won award in the year 2000 from the Department of Women and Child development, Governement of Karnataka, for its dedicates services. We have conducted many camps across the state in rural areas for identification and guidance to deaf people since its inception in 1979.

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If you would like to be part of the noble work, you can contribute in time, Kind, resources and cash. All your donations and contributions will have a real and longlasting impact among needy special children.

We can be contacted directly and confidentially with questions or comments via email at khwabblr@gmail.com

Thank you, Ladies and Gentlemen.